Volunteering in the Aboriginal Community

Student Engagement

Have you ever been curious about volunteering in the Aboriginal Community or with Aboriginal Youths? If you have, you may have found it difficult to find these types of opportunities. In this blog post, I hope to give you a few resources to help ease the difficulty of finding such a specific opportunity.

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Volunteer For Your Student Unions


Looking for volunteer opportunities on campus? Sabrina has the answers for you! Learn all about why volunteering for your department's student union is beneficial and how you can get involved. Also hear about Sabrina's personal experience volunteering for her department!

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Share your passion: Become a Vancouver School Board Making Contact Mentor


Do you have a passion or an area of expertise? Do you want to find a way to share your passion/expertise in a meaningful way? Lauren has the answers for you! Read on to discover a great mentorship program working with kids.

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Five Great Volunteer Organizations in Vancouver

Personal Development

Are you one of the many students have found difficulties in finding volunteering opportunities, especially in your first year? Karen has compiled some of her recommended organizations, which provide you with great opportunities to develop skills and build on your resume.

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Back Again


So, here we go, the start to a new year, fall 2012. The scent of sharpened pencils and caffeine in the air is almost tangible. Yet, even though we are all sleep-deprived and stressed after merely a week of school, it’s the fall semester. The big one really.

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Blogging: A Gateway to your Dream Job

Professional Development

Want to add to your portfolio but don't know where to start?  Why not try starting your own blog?  See how this recent Communication graduate landed his dream job while writing about his favourite sports team, the Canucks!  

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Write for Communiqué!

Co-operative Education

Writing for Communiqué is an excellent way to gain published writing samples for your portfolio, share what you’ve learned through your co-op experience and contribute to our co-op program!

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Becoming a Global Citizen: Are You on Track?

Career Services

“Global Citizenship” is a term that is popping up more and more.  Some say global citizenship is a way of thinking, others say it is about self-awareness and awareness of others, and still others say it is participating in the social and political life of one’s community.

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Give the Gift of Inspiration


Kidsafe Writers’ Room offers the perfect chance for anyone, regardless of past experience, to reach out and make a difference in a young person’s life. With the umbrella goal of inspiring literacy, there is room for many other contributions. 

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Give the Gift of Change


Oxfam Unwrapped is an excellent way of giving: It’s simple, it’s good for any occasion and it will help communities in need to gain more means of self-sufficiency and motivate your loved ones to take part in a campaign for change.

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