Moldovan Memories Part 4: My Care Placement in the Village


Moving from the city into a village in Moldova, Kerri Jang finds herself surrounded by animals and fruit trees as she lives with a host family, while organizing wheelchair basketball and tennis through The Motivatie Association.

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Moldovan Memories Part 2: My Medical Placement in the City

Co-operative Education

Part two of the series finds Kerri Jang, volunteer with Projects Abroad, spending time in a city of parallels; Chisinau, in Moldova. Having never experienced a surgery before, Kerri ventures into unknown territory during her adventures in some of the city's hospitals.

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Moldovan Memories Part 1: And So It Begins...

International Work Search

Journey through Moldova, a small country situated between Romania and Ukraine with Kerri Jang as she volunteers with a medical project in Moldova's capital and a care project in the nearby village of Vadul lui Voda in the first of a five part article series.

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Ode to the City of Joy: Reflecting on a Life-Changing Co-op Term

Co-op Reflections

In the fourth and final entry of her series, Kali reflects on her final weeks in India working at Destiny and the Socio Legal Aid and Research Training Centre, as well as taking time to travel and appreciate all that India has to offer before heading home to Canada.

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Ode to the City of Joy: Getting Comfortable in Kolkata

Health Sciences

In the third entry of her series, Kali is getting comfortable with the daily routines of living and working in Kolkata, India. Through her research into adolescent health, she developed and delivered workshops for young women on nutrition and exercise.

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Ode to the City of Joy: Learning Indian Lessons


In the second installment of her series, Kali encounters some of the challenges of an international Co-op term. Find out how her determination led her to an amazing experience with Socio Legal Aid and Research Training Centre in India.

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Dave’s Diary: Fear Helps You Make Decisions

Dave's Diary

How do you make important decisions? I’ve been reminded in my visits with students of the difficulty that can be a part of making big decisions. I’ve also been reminded that when working with people struggling with a choice, it can be challenging to reign in the impulse to push for one direction or the other.

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Dave’s Diary: Freud, Adler, and Strengths & Weaknesses


This may come as a surprise to many of you, but there are some things that I’m just not as good at as others.  Though it pains me to admit it, there’s a lot of stuff that, well… for lack of a better word, I suck at.  Okay, it doesn’t really pain me that much to admit that. 

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Dave’s Diary: Use Empathy to Master Your Next Job Interview

CSI Blog

Busy week! Sometimes it seems like there’s a never-ending stream of students to see, employers to contact, people to follow up with, meetings to attend, and… well, blog articles to write!

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Dave’s Diary: Empathy for Personal Growth and Beyond

CSI Blog

Students in counselling psychology become very familiar with the term “empathy."The message that empathy is the cornerstone to successful therapy is pounded into your brain until you stop asking how or why it’s important, and start accepting it as a fact.

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