Dave’s Diary: What’s an Entrepreneur?

Career Exploration

Everyone’s had a business idea at some point in their lives. For most people, including me, they’re just passing fancies – momentary visions of grandiosity that persist for a few moments before reality comes crashing back in.  Yes, I’ve had my share of these. Allow me to indulge you for a moment with one of my, er… entrepreneurial ideas.

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SFU Health Sciences Takes India! Durga Puja 2011

Destiny Reflections

We took the metro to North Kolkata to discover a part of the city we have not visited yet. Without a planned route, we walked south in the diction of home. Approximately every 5 blocks we would find a pandal to vist. One such pandal blew all of us away. 

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Dave’s Diary: Don’t Throw A Fit!

Dave's Diary

How many times and how many ways have you heard the word “fit” thrown around? I don’t know if a three letter word has ever had such wide ranging implications.  Grammatically speaking, it’s an adjective, a verb, and a noun.  Generally speaking, though, I’m pretty confident we can think of “fit” as referring to the compatibility of one thing with another.

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Peeriodical: Take a Holistic Approach to Your Education

Life Balance

I am sure you have heard of the concept of taking a holistic approach to health.  I first learned about this concept when I took an elective course in Kinesiology at SFU during my undergraduate degree. A holistic approach to health examines the physical, social, emotional and mental needs of a person to determine one’s overall wellness.

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Why Be a Career Peer Educator?


We’ve been very lucky at Career Services to have had a great group of volunteers around every year. They take care of some very important business for us – from advising students on resume and cover letter writing, to helping out with our many events, to facilitating and participating in ongoing professional development sessions, and much more.

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Peeriodical: Olympic Sized Persistence Pays Off

Indigenous Career Journey Stories

If there’s someone who knows about the terrifying journey that is the work search, it is Marissa Nahanee. She was a panellist at the Indigenous Peoples Career Stories event on March 3, 2011.  Marissa has worked on many world class events, including the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch relay and visits by Princes Charles and Edward. But Marissa’s job did not just happen to her – she had to work for it.

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Peeriodical: Transitions – A Starting Point


Transitions! Sleeping to waking, travelling from home to work and back again and switching from task to task are some of the more common every day transitions that people experience.  Most aren’t life-changing and take place on a regular basis, so we tend not to think about them when they occur.

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Dave’s Diary: Optimism’s Underworld – Unrealistic Expectations

Dave's Diary

I’m going to share a secret with you, internet: I’m a big Kate Beckinsale fan, and have been since the first Underworld movie came out in 2003.  So, when I found out that the 4th Underworld movie - New Dawn – was being filmed at SFU , and that Kate was in a starring role, I got pretty excited (as many of my coworkers can confirm). 

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Postcards From Botswana 5 - Kayla, I swam the Delta


SFU Kinesiology student Kayla Donnawell is in Botswana, Africa volunteering with the Students Without Borders program (SWB). In this article, the fifth in the series, Kayla swims the Delta, meets elephants and chased by a hippo.

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Road Trips with Treaty 8: Part 2 - Adventures

Co-op Reflections

Marilyn Brennan shares her experiences and adventures while working on a Co-op term for Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research Department (TARR) at Fort St. John. In Part 2 - Adventures, Marilyn shares with us her first work-related road trip to Doig River First Nation.

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