Creative Co-op Students Redefine the End-of-Workterm Project


Patricia (Trixie) Pama and Ali Huynh, Co-op students from SFU Work Integrated Learning, explain how they diverted off of the traditional path to apply their own creativity to the end-of-work-term project.

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BC Easter Seals: The Campers Arrive


In the second of a three-part series, Rachael welcomes East Seals campers to Squamish, and offers advice to anyone thinking of spending the summer at camp.

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BC Easter Seals: Orientation and Training

Co-operative Education

In the first of a three-part series, Rachael begins her summer Co-op at a BC Easter Seals camp. Follow along as she goes through training and orientation.

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Engaged Student of the Week: Shantelle Medel

Engagement Peers

Learn all about the engaged student of the week; Shantelle! Find out how she engages with SFU and the community by reading on.

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Engage Me SFU Blog- Student of the Week


The Engagement Peers have started their new segment; Student of the Week! They will profile various engaged students at SFU to show how easy it is to get involved. This week, learn about Hafsa and how she is getting engaged!

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Working with Grace: Resume 101 Part 1 - Basics

Work Search
Whether you are still looking or have found the job you want to apply for, your resume has to be ready at any time.  But, how hard is it to make your resume stand out from the hundreds of resumes that most employers look at everyday? Just follow a few key points to get your resume in shape and keep it that way!
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Working with Grace: Work Smarter! Ready, Set, Go!

time management

Having an anxiety attack about upcoming assignments and exams? Need a few useful tips to combat those attacks? Surprisingly, managing your time may be the first step to overcoming the work and stress that are already piling up…

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Nailing Job Interviews Part 1: Pre departure

While some students attended class and others continued their research or homework, a group of students gathered in the depths of the Maggie Benston Centre at Career Services headquarters. Here, we were trained, equipped and armed – ready for our next mission: an Interview.
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Working with Grace: Resume 101 Part 2 - Resume Formats

Working with Grace

Chronological? Functional? Combination? What does each resume format look like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each format? Which format is most suitable for you? Find out the answers here!

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The Dirty Dozen Interview Questions (Part II)

interview questions

Needless to say, we all want to succeed while being interviewed. Yet it seems no matter how much we prepare, we always come across at least one question that stumps us. Part Two of this three-part series explores the 12 most commonly asked, commonly-feared interview read on!

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