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Spotlight on a Loaned Representative - Averyl Bancroft


Averyl Bancroft spent her co-op workterm as a Loaned Representative,as well as one of the United Way's Care-y mascots! As part of the United Way Spotlight series she shares her experience about the Loaned Rep program taking her out of her comfort zone.

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[Indigenous Employer] Scotiabank


We strive to deliver a seamless, consistent and rewarding employment experience globally by developing policies and programs based on shared global principles. 


Operation Red Nose

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Over the next few weeks we will all be attending holiday parties, work events and family dinners. Its likely alcohol will be present at some of these festive get-togethers. Despite the knowledge that impaired driving is illegal (and downright dumb), and increased road checks – drunk driving still happens, resulting in more than 30% of alcohol related crashes involved those aged 16-24.

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We Are All Canucks: Dreams Come True

Career Exploration

What if you could score your dream job? Through a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination, writer Derek Jory did just that when he landed himself with the career he had dreamed of since he was a little boy.

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We Day

This past July 1st was WE CAN Day – a day to celebrate Canada together while discussing emerging issues on sustainability that will be a key part of the upcoming 2012 Earth Summit. The flash mob was basically a large group of people standing together to spell out “WE CANADA” and then “OUI CANADA” across the plaza.

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Own Your Media

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June 2, 2011 – International Development Drinks (IDD) at The Blarney Stone pub in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown district. I attended this event as part of We Canada, which is a nation-wide initiative for sustainability and which brings the diversity of Canadian voices to the Earth Summit 2012 event, as well as to the attention of the Canadian government.

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Natural Gas Dryers

Natural Gas Dryer

Natural gas dryers? Yeah that’s right — natural gas dryers for your clean, albeit wet, laundry loads. In my time at the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo a week ago, I met up with Mr. Wolfe from Fotis BC’s “Home of Energy Efficiency”. And efficient it was. The room had natural gas powering everything from cooking ranges, to vehicles and even a natural gas dryer.

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Union Gospel Mission: Doing Important Work in the Downtown Eastside

Company/Organization Spotlight

The Vancouver Downtown Eastside represents one of the biggest issues we’re facing today. And it’s not just an issue that’s of concern to British Columbians – it’s also Canada’s poorest area by postal code, which makes it an issue that all Canadians need to deal with.

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Wake: Changing Attitudes towards Fish through Education

Company/Organization Spotlight

The Wake Project is an organization of individuals committed to changing the dire Oceanic situation our habits  have caused.  Their goal is to reduce the demand for unsustainable and inhumanely caught species, such as shark and tuna.  A major aspect of Wake’s work is to reach local communities through positive action.

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Mentor A Child and Become A Friend


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC) is a program that offers mentoring to children aged 6-16. The organization has been providing friends and support to children who need them for over 96 years and are still going strong.

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