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Spread the Word About Your Favourite Causes Using Crowdrise

Company/Organization Spotlight

Are you passionate about a cause but can’t find the right organization to work with?  Or maybe you just want to help your favourite charity raise some money.  If so, you can stop looking elsewhere and create your own project pages with Crowdrise.  This innovative new website allows anyone to sign up and promote their favourite causes easily and efficiently.

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Volunteer with Volunteer Burnaby

Volunteer Burnaby

For nearly forty years, Volunteer Burnaby has been enriching the lives of volunteers and citizens building community through volunteering. It functions as a primary resource for volunteer involvement in Burnaby/New Westminster and the surrounding regions by providing services in four core competencies.

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Join Katimavik and spend 6 months volunteering in various communities across Canada!

Company/Organization Spotlight

“Katimavik offers Canadian youth the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of communities across Canada through challenging volunteer service programs.” – Created in 1977, Katimavik is the brainchild of Montreal journalist and human rights activist, Jacques Hébert.

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Volunteer with the CNIB to Support those with Vision Loss


Our eyes are what we depend on everyday for just about everything.  We would be lost without them.  But for some people this is the unfortunate reality that they have to live with on a daily basis.  This is why the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) has been established.Ever since 1918, the CNIB has been a wonderful source of support, information and hope for Canadians suffering with vision loss. 

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A Stroll with Artistry


Are you interested in volunteering with an organization that values artistic interpretation, creative thinking and local history? If you do, then Walking Home Yaletown Public Art (WHYPA) is the perfect opportunity for you to learn, analyze, and interact with your community.

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Volunteer with Beauty Night Society – Because Dignity is Beautiful


Are you interested in volunteering with a charity that helps marginalized women, youth and children?  If so, then Beauty Night Society is the perfect choice.  This unique charity provides wellness, literacy, fitness, personal and leadership development programs for marginalized women so they can increase their self-esteem and make positive changes in their lives.

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Fraser Health Focuses On Increasing Aboriginal Employee Base


Join our organization to help narrow the health gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal patients and residents by providing a better cultural fit within Fraser Health. 


S-PEaking Out

The Peak

Volunteerism takes on many forms. It can range from manual labor, to education and medicine. I personally find writing to be the most fulfilling type of volunteering. Not only do I sharpen my communication skills, I also help in promoting an important cause.

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Get involved with SFPIRG to maintain a just community


On Friday, May 28th, I dropped into the SFPIRG (Simon Fraser Public Interest Group) office to chat with volunteer coordinator Emily Aspinwall about how students can help achieve the group’s goals of social and environmental justice.  The group’s activity- as with everywhere else at SFU- is quieter in the summer.

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Giving Children the Gift of Sight – ORBIS International


On Saturday May 15th 2010, I attended the ORBIS Pull for Sight fundraising event at Vancouver International Airport.  At the event I saw men and women from various backgrounds and organizations come together in support of ORBIS International and the work they are doing to help eliminate preventable blindness in the developing world.

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