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Indigenous Research Institute SFU; John R Welch



The Indigenous Research Institute  promotes research in areas related to Indigenous peoples read about on of its Researchers and his work.

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Meet the Faculty: Stuart Poyntz


Bringing Communication into classrooms across the Lower Mainland. Thinking back to my last year of high school, I can remember looking at all the different programs that SFU has to offer and trying to decide what courses I should take, what university path I should follow.

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Meet The Faculty: Dr. Enda Brophy


Introducing a new assistant professor to the School of Communication. "Get as involved in your department as you can...and get to know the people in your program." Enda enjoys teaching Communication students, especially when they show an active interest in the program and the world around them.

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Meet the Faculty: Alison Beale

Personal Development

Though she never participated in a formal co-op program, Alison Beale, the new chair of Communication, describes her experience throughout her education as surprisingly similar to that of many Communication Co-op students.

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