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Idle No More: An Example of the Power of Social Media

Idle No More

The Idle No More movement has gained strength in numbers and momentum primarily through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. By sharing ideas, goals, and opinions we have begun to destabilize those institutions to which we are vulnerable.

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Volunteer with Canadian Blood Services


Looking for a way to give back to your community this holiday season?  Check out Selva's article on how to give in a big way through Canadian Blood Services!

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Social Media for Social Cause

Volunteer Richmond Information Services

Internet and social media have become one of the most important parts in a student’s life and have taken, if not wasted, hours of their time every day. But instead of killing time on Facebook, why not learn how you can make a positive difference by using social media for a good cause?

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Volunteer Profile: Emmanuel Krebs

Civic Engagement

While many entered the WIL photo contest, only one emerged victorious in the category of Community Engagement. We chatted with Emmanuel Krebs about his photo “Recess”, taken while volunteering abroad in Rwanda.

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