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Johnson Zhu's video of his Co-op experience in Japan

SIAT Co-op

Johnson Zhu is doing an 11-month Co-op internship as a 3D Corporate Identity Designer with Fukui Byora. This video shows off some of his wordly experience.

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Top Tips for Workplace Transition and Performance


Are you starting your first co-op work term soon? Here are some top tips to help you transition from school to work smoothly and successfully and improve your work performance and professionalism.

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Must-know Tips For A University Freshman - Part 2

cooperative education

Making the transition from high school to university can be exciting but difficult, check out some useful tips and advice from a senior student so you can make the most out of your first year at SFU!

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Top Ten: Best Ways to Make a GREAT Impression

Co-operative Education

The Co-op advisors at SFU are in the unique position of hearing from both employers and students about what makes a successful work term. Paulette Johnston has a list of ten simple ways to get off on the right foot.

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Crafty SIAT resume showed on CTV


Diana Luong is a fourth year SIAT student who's HootSuite resume was shown on CTV.

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Featured projects of a Co-op Marketing & Communications Assistant

Co-operative Education

Serge Khomutovskiy produced a video for his Co-op Work Term report highlighting his major projects working as the Marketing & Communications Assistant for eight months for SFU Surrey.

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Diary of a Marketing Co-op: How to be Assertive

Diary of a Marketing Co-op

This entry of Diary of a Marketing Co-op asks how you can balance a level of assertiveness necessary to get your job done, without steamrolling everyone around you.

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My experience at Consumer Protection BC has been very enjoyable so far.


Paul’s journey to landing his first Co-op job


Paul Methot worked very hard for two semesters and his efforts paid off when he landed his first Co-op position with Drexel University in Philadelphia in Marketing and Design.

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Mechatronics Co-op Alumni Profile: Chris Stewart

Applied Sciences

Chris Stewart is a junior engineer at Brock Solutions. He works in the development of control systems for airport baggage handling systems and has been working with Brock since November 2011. 

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