The Office Culture: What School Doesn’t Prepare You For

Co-operative Education

There are many things school doesn't teach you about working in a corporate environment. Check out 3 areas Natalie wants you to pay attention to when you are on your job and tips to help you improve your work performance.

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Natalie's First Day at Allied Vision Technologies

First day

Are you starting your first day at work soon? Getting anxious because you don't know what to expect? Read on to learn more about Natalie's experience and her tips on making the most out of your first day.

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I worked as a technical writer at Ericsson for 8 months.  Essentially, my responsibilities were to produce and maintain content for the user guides of Ericsson products.  In particular, I

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Student Profile: Ronil's Vancouver Canucks Co-op Experience


Ronil landed not one but two co-op placements with The Vancouver Canucks. He shares with us his success tips in landing the back-to-back contrast contract. 

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