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Interview Woes


So you have been shortlisted for an interview, what do you do next?  Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and do some research!  Preparation and confidence are key, but what happens when this isn't enough?

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Small Town Co-op Experience

Co-op Reflections

This city girl experienced small town life during her most recent work term.  Whether it was harvesting plants and herbs in the forest or learning the differences between corporate and small business, Yuliya strived to succeed!  Read on to learn more about her brave journey in small town Ontario. 

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Natalie's Co-op Blog: Time Management On the Job

Co-operative Education

Having a difficult time completing your tasks on time at school or work? Natalie has 3 must-know time management tips to help you manage your time better and work more productively. 

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Natalie's Co-op Blog: Working for an International Company

Life Experience

Working for an international organization has its perks and challenges. Check out what Natalie thinks are the most interesting aspects working for a global company and how she overcomes the challenges she encounters on the job.

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Natalie's Co-op Blog: How-To Succeed & Have Fun On the Job

Co-op Reflections

I wanted nothing more than to do well at my first co-op placement. Here are some things I picked up to make my work term fun and more successful! 

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Natalie's Co-op Blog: What to Expect during a Site Visit

co-op site visit

I had no idea what to expect for my first co-op site visit, did you? In this blog post, I reflect back on what happened during my first site visit, to help prepare you for what might happen at yours!

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Surviving Your First Co-op


Some of our co-op experiences will prove more challenging than others.  Facing challenges and overcoming difficulties is all part of learning, read some helpful tips from this co-op student who faced it all.

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Diary of a Marketing Co-op: Stand Your Ground

Diary of a Marketing Co-op

In this segment of Diary of a Marketing Co-op, I look back at the need to be assertive to meet never-ending deadlines and how to balance this with the ability to know when to go with the flow.                   

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The Office Culture: What School Doesn’t Prepare You For

First Weeks on the Job

There are many things school doesn't teach you about working in a corporate environment. Check out 3 areas Natalie wants you to pay attention to when you are on your job and tips to help you improve your work performance.

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Being a Space Man is Something I Have to Do

Co-op Reflections

Fear, anxiety, intimidation, excitement and doubt.  This is exactly how most student feel when they secure their first work term!  Starting a new job is hard even at the best of times, but learning how to cope and make friends makes things a lot easier.  Stay friendly, smile and read on for more.

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Conquering my fears of the Adobe Creative Suite

Personal Development

Finding it hard to find a co-op job that doesn't require any web or design skills?  Read on if you're interested in learning how this co-op student conquered her fears and learned how to make the most of her work term using the design skills she learned in just a few short weeks! 

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Natalie's First Day at Allied Vision Technologies

Co-operative Education

Are you starting your first day at work soon? Getting anxious because you don't know what to expect? Read on to learn more about Natalie's experience and her tips on making the most out of your first day.

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Diary of a Marketing Co-op: How to be Assertive


This entry of Diary of a Marketing Co-op asks how you can balance a level of assertiveness necessary to get your job done, without steamrolling everyone around you.

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How to get your SIAT project into an art gallery

Communication, Art and Technology

Have you ever dreamed of having your artwork on display in an art gallery? When I decided that this was something I wanted to accomplish a few months ago, I had no idea how soon it would become a reality.

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Natalie's Co-op Job Search Blog: A Disappointing Interview Experience

Co-operative Education

Are you having a difficult time placing a co-op placement? You're not alone! Read about Natalie's disappointment with her second job interview, how she coped with her frustration and the lessons she took away from this experience to improve her interviewing skills and increase her chance at landing a job. 

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Breaking the Boundaries of Communication

Professional Development

Dreams of becoming a magazine editor turned upside down after a workterm at St. Paul's Hospital.  See how this co-op student used her background in communication to link the fields of science and medicine, as she worked alongside some of the greatest minds of our time.

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Blogging: A Gateway to your Dream Job


Want to add to your portfolio but don't know where to start?  Why not try starting your own blog?  See how this recent Communication graduate landed his dream job while writing about his favourite sports team, the Canucks!  

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Why Volunteer on Campus at SFU?

Co-op Reflections

Lindsay enjoys helping people achieve their goals and this experience has allowed her to follow and achieve her passion of improving services available to Indigenous students and potentially their overall academic success. Learn more about her experiences...

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Mechatronics Co-op Alumni Profile: Chris Stewart

Co-op Reflections

Chris Stewart is a junior engineer at Brock Solutions. He works in the development of control systems for airport baggage handling systems and has been working with Brock since November 2011. 


Mechatronics Co-op Student Profile: Armaghan Mogouei

Ballard Power

Mogouei shares with all women that are thinking of Mechatronic Systems Engineering as an ideal fit, because it allows you to explore various engineering disciplines and industry application. Armaghan Mogouei is following her dreams through her work with Ballard Power Systems.