How to Use a Gallery

How To Use the Co-op Galleries

Various galleries were created on the OLC to support your personal and professional development. There is a wide range of samples from all programs across SFU.  The collections represent junior and senior students with a variety of experiences that you may be interested in. The value of the galleries is that they are authentic samples of real SFU student experiences.

Here are some tips on how to use the galleries to help support your personal and professional development.

Use the galleries:

.  As a starting point to learn about difference opportunities

.  See how junior/senior students showcase their experiences and skills

.  Get inspired by viewing multiple designs

.  See samples of targeted applications, program specific requirements, accomplishment statements and transferable skills

Keep in mind that the samples are actual representations of each students' skills and experiences, plus their unique style.  We know these galleries will allow you to explore and discover your own.