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Thank you for taking the time to share your co-op experience with your peers!

Writing for the OLC provides you with the opportunity to practice your writing skills, be published online, create porfolio items you can add/link to in your application packages/interviews or add to online profiles (LinkedIn) wihle providing invaluble information to future students interested in, or participating in co-op.  Whether you just love to write and share your stories, or you've been sent here by your co-op coordinator/advisor to write a posting for a work term report, submitting your post to the OLC is easy.  



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If you are submitting a posting for a work term report option please ensure you follow the guildelines established by your co-op program.   Your initial submission is to your program for review and assessment. Once it is reviewed, your program may forward it for consideration to our editor who will then communicate with you regarding any further edits and publication. Follow the Submission Guidelines and complete our ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM to add your item to our editorial queue. Once your item has been published, the link to your posting will be emailed to you to share on your social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)



Gain inspiration by reviewing some of the stories shared by co-op students on their experiences. There are lots of ways you can frame your story. Consider what is the most important aspect of your co-op that you would like to share.  Your interview experience?  A challenge you encountered and overcame?  Personalize your story by adding in your reflections; what you learned, what you enjoyed, and why. (To view or follow all the Co-op posts on the OLC, visit the CO-OP BLOGS.)  



A fun and concise way to share your knowledge with your peers.  More on: Top Tips

 How to Succeed as a Social Media Coordinator 4 Tips to Balance Co-op and School 



What you enjoyed most about your learning in your co-op placement 

From Classroom to Cubicle: How My Student Skills Led to Co-op Success

5 Important Lessons I Learned From My First Co-op

 The Road Less Traveled: Taking a Chance in Co-op
 From Classroom to Cubicle  5 Important Lessons I Learned From My First Co-op  Taking a Chance in Co-op



Co-op as in life has highs and lows, challenges and great opportunities for learning.  How you were able to identify, tackle or overcame a challenge, and the lessons you learned from it.  Did it involve creativity or challenge you to think outside of the box? Share your challenges as a learning experience for others.


A Date With Myself: How I'm Surviving Burnout  Four Tips to Overcome Failure  Avoid Sucking During Your Work Term   



Share insights and tips and finding, accepting and working out of town and internationally.  More on International Co-op

Things You Learn Journeying (Close to) the Top of the World

Working for Your Passions

 5 Things Learned From Living & Working in Another Country

 Things You Learn Journeying to the Top of the World Working for Your Passions 5 Things Learned From Working in Another Country 



Did you master a new skill, technology or tools?  Share some of the knowledge you have obtained during your work term.

5 LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Profile Pop!

Planning for Exchange or Study Abroad Trip

Event Planning 101 
5 LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Profile Pop! Planning for Exchange or Study Abroad Trip Event Planning 101



Learning occurs over time as can a great story. 

Natalie's Series SFU Health Sciences Takes India  Workplace wardrobe series


Interview someone with an interesting career path possibly with advice for students, an SFU alumnus or someone who can share additional information on the industry you are interested in joining. 

 An Interview with Erik Bainbridge Indigenous Stories: Duncan Mccue, CBC Reporter and Professor   The CBC Radio Peter Gzowski Internship: An Interview with Ashley Fraser



The learning in a co-op work experience is broad and beyond just your core duties.  Learn how to gain the most from your experience and leverage your learning.

Beyond the B.C. Bubble: My Co-op Term in Burma (Myanmar)  My Co-op Experience at an Industrial Lab: Networking  

 Making Wild Ducks Fly: IBM Extreme Blue Internship 


How this experience has confirmed or changed your career goals/interests.  

The Far-Ranging Effects of Co-op Connections    


 Applying Learning: How did an SFU course or other experience help prepare you for your work term?

for more ideas visit Story Ideas and Development