Who, What, Where, When and Why? Working for a Non-Profit

Co-operative Education

To anyone out there considering working for a not for profit organization, I want to share the lessons I learned at Watershed Watch with you. 

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Things You Learn Journeying (Close to) the Top of the World

environmental issue

Nowhere are the dire effects of climate change more apparent than in the Arctic. Join Sarah as she recounts her 3-week expedition at the top of the world and the 3 invaluable life lessons learned along the way. 

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Environmental Consciousness and the Media

Climate Change


Environmental justice and climate change; taking a look at how we communicate about it and how we might change our worldview in an effort to stop the destruction of the planet.  

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Walk the Talk


"The earth does not need us as we need her. I am grateful for this life and that I have the opportunity to stand with my brothers and sisters." Christina found 50 ways to help the planet for future generations.

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What Happens to Our E-waste?


In today’s technological era, new mobile phones and laptops come out faster than we could possibly imagine, but what happens to all these old electronic junk that we throw out? Read on to find out how much electronic waste we are producing every year and what you can do to change this.

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Going Green: Employer Highlights: Vancity and BC Used Oil


During "SFU's Sustainability Week" the OLC features two outstanding 'green' companies. So what does this 'greening' look like in the workplace? Find out how workplace sustainable practices are changing the way Vancity and BC Used Oil do business.

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“The Clean Bin Project” Shows It’s Possible to Live With Minimum Waste


“The Clean Bin Project” is a locally-produced documentary that examines what it’s like to live in our modern world with minimum waste. The link between consumerism and environmental issues is something that we all probably intuitively understand; Project explores this issue by showing the struggles of two ordinary Vancouver residents in their quest to not produce waste.

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Life is Full of Beauty. Notice it. Protect it.


Ahh, springtime has come. The sunshine greets us when we wake in the morning, the sound of birds chirping fills the air. Even when it rains, the grass smells fresh and alive, reminding us there is optimism left to hold onto. With cherry blossoms drifting in the breeze, it’s easy to notice the beauty of nature during springtime.

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Science and Environment Supervisor Recognition Award Winner: Dr. Paul Rennie!


As an outstanding leader, mentor and Co-op supervisor, Dr. Paul Rennie, Director of Research at the Prostate Centre at VGH, is the deserving recipient of the Science & Environment Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award.

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Student Profile: Robert Lutener. Filmmaker, Musician and Activist.


A few days before I transitioned from Vancouver to Montreal, I got the opportunity to meet 4th year political science Robert Lutener. On most days, Robert can be spotted at SFU Burnaby campus’ Highland Pub discussing university politics. However, what made me choose Mr. Lutener as an interview subject was the success that his recent documentary Up North: Conversations on the Impacts of Change has generated.

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