International Experience in Hong Kong - Writing and Materials Development

Type of Experience: 
Co-op Work Term
Organization Information
Dream Language Studios Ltd.
Organization Profile: 
Dream Language Studios is a company that brings a fun and interactive elements to English learning in Hong Kong schools. Working with numerous primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, the company has recently launched a unique e-learning platform that makes the English language engaging and exciting. In addition to e-learning, the company provides a number of services including materials development, teacher training workshops and English shows.
Experience Details
Position Title: 
Writer/ Materials Development
Responsibilites / Tasks: 
In this experience, I am responsible for writing and developing materials for the company and various schools. Materials have been developed for professional development workshops for teachers introducing English into the classroom and their curriculum. I have also been assigned to correspond and meet with various learning institutions to develop instructional materials for use in the classroom and workshop settings.
What did you learn: 
Thus far, I have gained a lot of insight into the working culture here in Hong Kong. As well, I have learned a lot about the education system here. A new initiative was recently launched that focuses on incorporating the English language into all major classroom subject areas. This has led to a widespread outsourcing in terms of materials development.