Student Kinesiologist

As the student kinesiologist, my primary duties were within the clinic gym. My main duty was to instruct, supervise, modify rehabilitation exercise programs to the patients. The clinic is very busy and I was often working with multiple patients at the same time. Some patients require more attention then others, and this must be taken into consideration for time management.Additonal duties include, emailing patient exercise programs with detailed descriptions and photos, apply game-ready cryotherapy(Ice and compression machine), set up the lumbar/cervical traction bed, maintaining the gym facility and assisting physiotherapists where needed.

I occasionally had small side projects. For example I had to summarize various rehabilitation protocols. For example, I had to synthesize 3 achilles tendon protocols from different sources. The purpose was to have one universal protocol for the clinic.
Here are a few things I learned while on my work term:
-To be successful in the rehabilitation environment requires a desire to help others and the ability to work with a diverse demographic.
-Time management and prioritization skills are essential when working with multiple patients and balancing additional duties.
-Everyone has different learning curves when it comes to exercises. This may be due to lack of body awareness, pain, motivation.etc Therefore, patience is a necessity.
-Practice what you preach. You must know how to perform all exercises that you teach, otherwise it becomes difficult to give concise instrucitons, and spot when an exercise is performed incorrectly.
-Physiotherapy has many specializations (sport specific training, orthopaedics, acupunture.etc). Each physiotherapist has a different style, and it is important to understand how their methods differ from anothers.
-On a personal note, this experience has reinforced my interest in pursueing physiotherapy as a career. I also developed a keen interest in Core Strengthening.
Here are a few tips for future students:
-Previous work with customer service is beneficial.
-A stronger anatomy background is an asset.
-Practice exercises and ask questions.