SFU Recreation Coop Placement

Type of Experience: 
Co-op Work Term
Organization Information
SFU Recreation
Organization Profile: 
The SFU Recreation Department promotes active living, well-being and healthy campus communities through diverse recreation opportunities fostering community engagement and student success.
Burnaby, BC
Experience Details
Position Title: 
Marketing and Communications Assistant

I worked on a variety of ongoing projects including writing a marketing overview for the SFU Recreation department. By having a solid marketing plan this would ensure a consistent portrayal for the brand involving having an outline for all future promotions. This plan will also act as a training manual for future promo team members in order to provide a rounded overview of the department and its goals and initiatives. 

Another responsibility of mine was to manage our recreation promotions team. Setting their weekly schedules, maintaining consistent communications and organizing meetings to plan events and designate tasks was an ongoing task. Maintaining our social media including Facebook Twitter and YouTube daily was a large part of our promotions, building a follower base, hosting contests and updating our participants.

Included was also the re-design and improvement of the rec.sfu.ca website. An interactive flippable information booklet including our programs and information was developed into our Rec Guide launching this Spring 2012 term. As a new initiative this would not only improve our sites functionality and appearance, but also further develop our brand and user efficiency. The booklet will also be printed out in hardcopy as information booklets at our front desk.

This term really developed a variety of my skills and knowledge. I appreciate the broad range of projects i was able to work on. In regards to working with the promotions team i definately built my confidence with managing a team, and learning the logistics of writing schedules, planning meetings and working with a group building my team work and leadership abilities. I also greatly solidified my organization skills through drafting, planning, delegating and initiating events learning the process from start to the end evaluation. Furthermore, getting the opportunity to consistently work with my partner intern, I was able to build on my graphic design knowledge and experience using InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We were able to design various projects ranging from t-shirts, pamphlets, brochures, posters, banners and videos. 

I enjoyed the creative and hands-on aspect of this position ranging from working individually in the office or with a team during public events. This is a great position for someone who is seeking to strengthen their event planning capabilities, and gain hands-on experience working within a team environment. There is also much opportunity to strengthen and build upon computer abilities including various design programs and gaining anayltics knowledge where this placement will definately expand one's knowledge of various applications and build upon great pieces for a portfolio.