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Volunteering with the OLC is an opportunity to put your ideas into action while gaining valuable experience. The OLC has had various volunteer opportunities over the years for writing, editing, social media, graphic design, photography, videography, coding, web dev, testing, research and statistics.  Do you have a unique skill to share? Contact the OLC Coordinator, Quentin Beck, at



The OLC covers virtually every aspect of a student's university life and the first few years after convocation, including academic, career, volunteer and work-related topics. Almost all of the content on the OLC is contributed by the SFU community.  Writing for the OLC is an opportunity to work with an editor to improve your writing skills, build your portfolio by developing professional and accessible online writing samples, and contribute your knowledge to the SFU community. Volunteer bloggers are invited to write about anything and everything related to personal and professional development. Become an OLC contributor and have your voice heard.


Take your knowledge of writing and story development to the next level and become an editor. As an editor you will have the opportunity to mentor contributing authors through each step of their drafting process. Develop valuable coaching skills while improving your eye for grammar, story structure, and design. Connect with our Editor, Taylor McKinney, at to learn more.  


The OLC recruits student bloggers on an ongoing basis. Share your ideas and develop the kind of content you want to see by joining our  team. As a regular contributor you will have the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance while developing portfolio pieces for a dynamic and widely read blog site. No previous experience is required, only a passion for writing and an interest in creating engaging content on our key topics. 

Members of the OLC Blogging Team are asked to make a 1-2 semester commitment and write 1-4 blog posts per semester. Bloggers are invited to attend a Crafting Your Stories workshop offered by Deanne Esdale at Career and Volunteer Services each semester, and will receive editing, mentoring and publishing support provided by the OLC and Career and Volunteer Services. 

Apply to join our team by submitting the following: 

› Three story pitches. Send us your best fresh new ideas for a story (or series) you think would be relevant to an OLC audience. Take a look at our topics page for ideas. 
› A blog-style writing sample. You can opt to write the first few paragraphs from one of your story ideas or send a blog post you've already written. 

Writing samples should be sent to


› Review our Writing and Submission Guidelines
› Peruse our Story Ideas and Development   
› Visit our blogs for inspiration