First Nations Student Association

The First Nations Student Association is an independent student-run organization for all self-identified Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and Status/Non-Status students here at SFU.

The First Nations Student Association (FNSA) is a student organization whose mandate is two-fold: to personally, academically, and culturally support First Nations students (Inuit, Métis, Status and Non-Status) and to educate the campus community on First Nations issues. This includes advocating for services and resources for students and the promotion and sponsorship of activities on campus that demonstrate the cultural diversity of First Nations people. It also includes hosting panel discussions, workshops and conferences as well as responding to any negative media portrayals of First Nations peoples.

The FNSA is located in the First Nations Students Common Room and Study Room in TC 3108 and TC 3112, in the Rotunda. The rooms are for First Nations students to meet and socialize, and for quiet study.
The Common Room has computers with Internet access and a printer, a telephone, fridge, microwave and other kitchen supplies as well as tables, couches and chairs, all of which have been donated by various individuals and organizations.

The First Nations Student Association formed in the early 1990s and over the past few years the organization has been working to bring about changes to the support services and equipment that are necessary for student success. FNSA has organized workshops and panel discussions in the past.

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Simply email us your name and we will add you to our email list and let you know upcoming events Email: