CUYSTWI Rant Video Contest

CUYSTWI Rant Video Contest

By: Tysun Tallman
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Are you an Aboriginal youth between the ages of 16 and 24? Do you have something on your mind you want to share?

Video submissions should be 20 to 45 seconds long and be on one of the following topics:

  1. Our Land, Our Environment
  2. What does it mean to be decolonized?
  3. What does it mean to be an Aboriginal Warrior today?
  4. Racism
  5. Celebrating Our Cultures
  6. Other — What else is important to you?

Winners of each category will receive an iPad mini.

Deadline to submit March 7th, 2014

The winning videos will be announced and played at the PHSA Cuystwi booth at Gathering Our Voices Youth Conference 2014.

Disclaimer: This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by The BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centers or Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council and the Gathering Our Voices organizers are not part of the selection process or contest announcement.

» Rules & Contest Entry Form (PDF)

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CUYSTWI “Let’s Go!” (Stl’atl’imx)

Indigenous Youth Wellness Project

Background: Cuystwi (cwoo wheesh twee) evolved from Aboriginal recommendations for youth suicide prevention by helping youth understand the history of colonization and the cumulative impacts it has on families. Cuystwi is an upstream health promotion and suicide prevention interactive on-line training in the form of a quest that sends youth through a series of activities that are both on line and within their community based youth groups. Collaborating with community, Cuystwi promotes and strengthens culture and identity. Graduates of Cuystwi are invited to become Cuystwi Warriors.

Modules to be piloted in 2013:

  • Identity – Building on interconnection of family, community and the land.
  • Culture – Introduction of the concept with videos sharing cultural activities from different Nations across the province: culture is food, art, song, respecting the land, living in balance. We invite the youth groups to produce and upload their own ‘culture is wellness’ videos.
  • Colonization – Introduces the concept, historical context, major elements and the ongoing cumulative effects on Aboriginal people; youth become aware of how it impacts them.
  • Racism – Addresses different types of racism experienced by Aboriginal people, youth learn the rights of children, and skills and tools to deal with racism and bullying.
  • We are all Warriors – Emphasizing personal and collective strengths and values with themes of culture, interconnection, and community. This area includes inspiring video stories of youth who have overcome challenges.

Target Group:

The online training will be delivered in a facilitated youth group setting for 10 to 13 year olds. Youth workers, social workers and educators will incorporate the training into existing youth activities. Focus groups tested Cuystwi at the March 2013 youth conference in Penticton. They thought it was cool!


A working Youth Advisory Committee with 2 representatives from each of the 9 pilot communities assist in program design and development with wellness and culture videos of their communities.

Traditional Learning Style:

Cuystwi replicates the traditional teaching relationship between Elder and youth. Cuystwi’s site guide and narrator is Eagle, the voice of Stl’atl’imx Elder, Gerry Oleman.

Next Steps:

Cuystwi is being reviewed by our Advisory and Youth Advisory Committees. A facilitation manual is in development. Our community partners will pilot Cuystwi in spring and summer, 2013.

PHSA Aboriginal Health developed Cuystwi with funding and project support from BC Mental Health & Addiction Services, PHSA Population and Public Health and in collaboration with our Aboriginal partners.

For further information regarding Cuystwi please contact:

Keva Vuiyale
PHSA Aboriginal Health

Posted on January 30, 2014