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 Kweleches (Halq'emeylem)

Howa'a (Haida)

Aanii (Ojibway)

Kwe' (Mikmaq)

Tansi (Cree)

Oki (Blackfoot)

Yo (Kwakwala)

Wotziye (Dene)

Tanshi (Michif)

Many of you have left your homes in pursuit of higher education, leaving behind family, elders and support systems that you have relied upon. Others have left their communities in search of support and for others that share your same ideals towards education and personal development.

All of you in need of a sense of community on campus at SFU.

Building a sense of community and providing the opportunity for engagement within the Indigenous students at SFU through the help of Indigenous Students is our aim with this online community. To share ideas, stories and successes to help each other through the next few years while here on campus.

At SFU we have the makings of a great Indigenous community. We have our Elders to help guide us and the Indigenous Student Centre to help us facilitate day to day life. The First Nations Student Association is here for us to meet Indigenous students from across Canada who not only share the same heritage but the same interests.

This online community will help tie all of these areas into one, a place to find out what is happening within the SFU community. Programs, activities, events and employment as well as volunteer opportunities will be highlighted here for you to see and after you can come back and share your thoughts. 

We welcome you to please give us feedback as to the content on the site as well as feature stories you would like to see using the comments below.  


Posted on December 15, 2012