Empowerment Mindset: Motivating Indigenous Self-reliance

Personal Development

The First Nations Student Association is hosting an evening with best-selling author Calvin Helin on October 24th at Harbour Center. Attendance is free and open to the public.

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To Vote Or Not To Vote: Three Debates


I love thoughtful and passionate debate. Especially about things that are important to me and those around me. I consider myself a Canadian citizen and because of that, I practice my right to vote. I posed the question of the Indigenous vote and was met with several interesting and thought-provoking debates regarding the subject.

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A Walk to Remember

Social Action

I admit I had some misgivings about the Truth and Reconciliation events happening in Vancouver this week. There are so many layers to unravel and so many systems involved that I couldn’t decide where I belong. I took some time to reflect on what the purposes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission are, as well as who I am, in order to make a decision on whether or not to participate.

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What Did You Do This Summer?


Welcome back everyone…how was your summer?

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Aboriginal Student for a Day Event


The RSTC Aboriginal Student for a Day event will strive to match secondary students with SFU students that they can “shadow” for a half day of studies. Volunteers and “shadows” will be matched based upon their academic and vocational interests and aspirations.

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Cody Caruso First Nations Health Authority

health science

Have you considered a career in Health Sciences? Here is some advice from recent graduate Cody Caruso on his journey to employment in the First Nations Health Authority. 

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A Tribe Called Red

Indigenous Community Stories

The group, A Tribe Called Red combines traditional powwow music and electronica, to create a unique sound made of both, the spiritual element of drum and voice, as well as the more culturally mainstream sound of electronica.

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Volunteer For Reconciliation Week

Indigenous Volunteer Stories

Reconciliation Canada is calling on volunteers who are willing to donate their time and energy to Reconciliation Week 2013, September 16-22.

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Aboriginal Appropriation

Indigenous Community Stories

In present day Western civilization, simply taking a walk down a busy street and paying attention is enough to grasp the magnitude of the promotional society in which we live.

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But For the Grace of God, Go I

Indigenous Community Stories

A response to a column featured on page A6 of the Province newspaper on July 31st, entitled First Nations need to quit blaming the past, written by Naomi Lakritz.

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The Work Study Program

work-study program

Are you a student with financial need looking for the opportunity to participate in research-based projects on campus?  If so, we encourage you to consider SFU’s Work-Study Program. 

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Randy Jack Q & A


Randy Jack is from the Cheslatta Carrier Nation. He is now an outreach worker with the Vancouver Recovery Club.Here is a series of question and answers to learn more about his education and career experiences.

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The Indigenous Student Ambassador Program

campus involvement

FNSA Board member, Angela Semple has lead the implementation of the Indigenous Student Ambassador program, helping to highlight important Indigenous resources to potential SFU students and part of the Indigenous Recruitment Team.


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Aboriginal People with Degrees in Education

Indigenous Career Resources

Education is the top field of study amongst First Nation people. Provided are resources for those pursuing a degree in education.

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Honouring Feast at SFU


This year’s First Nations, Inuit, Metis Graduate Honouring Feast, that took place at the Diamond Alumni Centre on June 12, 2013 was a beautiful gathering that was quite impactful for me.

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7 Reasons Why You Should to Talk to Your Professors and TAs

Indigenous SFU Community Stories

SFU academic advisors share seven reasons why they recommend all their students talk to their professors and teaching assistants - outside of lecture halls and tutorial rooms.

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What is Academic Advising?

Personal Development

Academic Advisors assist you in formulating a successful academic program that helps you translate your goals, interests, and life plans into an effective educational and SFU experience. Academic Advisors also help you understand and navigate academic program/course requirements, polices, and procedures and refer you to resources/services on campus.


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An Elders Teachings on Being a Student


Saahiilthit (Gerry) Oleman, an elder of the Stl’atl’imx Nation shares his teachings with Aboriginal students about education.

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Q & A with Princess Temple


Mary Temple will be continuing her degree at SFU in the fall. Read about her experiences growing up in northern BC and where her education has taken her thus far.

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Our History is Your History

Aboriginal History Month

June is Aboriginal History month. It is an opportunity to share, not only the troubling reality behind the Aboriginal/Canadian relationship, but to understand the impactful and important contributions to Canadian society by the Indigenous cultures of this country.

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Q & A With a Metis Graduate

Indigenous Community Stories

Sandy Coolidge is over 50, a mother of three, and now a graduate of NVIT's social work program. She shares her experiences as a Metis woman and student.

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FNSA: Aboriginal Criminology Series


Fourth year student, Alissa Derrick worked with the FNSA to present an Aboriginal Criminolgy series, based on the Rethinking Justice conference presented by the Pacific and Business Law Institute. Read about how she organized the event and what she hopes it will achieve.

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SFU Idle No More

Idle No More

Although the Idle No More movement may appear to have disappeared from national media coverage it is still active in many communities including that of Simon Fraser University. On Monday, April 8th SFU students, alumni, faculty and staff came together to hold an Idle No More rally at the Burnaby campus.

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Angela Semple’s Career Story


Angela writes about coming to SFU, the Indigenous connections she found, and how her job search found her back in the New Student Enrollment and Transition department.

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