Warriors Against Violence Society Program


We believe there is a need to restore the traditional Aboriginal values of honour, respect and equality. The Circle of Life includes elders, lifegivers, men, and youth. All have a right to live in non-violent families and communities.


Musqueam Marks 100 Days with March to Protest Burials Under Threat


Open letter to my friends, relatives, colleagues and supporters of  c̓əsnaʔəm. Calling to Action.

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[Indigenous Employer] Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

Indigenous Employers

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is dedicated to providing financial services to North American Indian, Inuit and Metis people through our Aboriginal Banking Team. Join this team of experts and you’ll bring the new skills and training we provide to help meet the changing and diverse needs of the people in your community.

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Aboriginal Human Resource Council

Indigenous Career Resources
Get connected to employers, mentors and career development opportunities through the Aboriginal Human Resource Council!
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Cariboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Training Employment Center

Indigenous Career Resources

The Cariboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Training Employment Center (CCATEC) is a nonprofit society, training unemployed First Nations for employment, First Nations, living in the Cariboo Chilcotin.

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[Indigenous Employer] The Canadian Cancer Society wants YOU to Join the Fight!


The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. 

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BC Ideas


BC Ideas is an online competition, which asks British Columbians like you to bring forward innovative ideas and programs that address the challenges facing our province.

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[Indigenous Employer] Correctional Service Canada Careers

Correctional Service of Canada

More than just a job! Join our public safety team! At the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), putting in a day’s work means helping to keep your community safe.

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Continuing Studies Graduate Wins NSERC award

Academic Success

Jessica Humchitt, a graduate of SFU Continuing Studies' Aboriginal Pre-Health Program, was recently awarded the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Student Research Award for her work.

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Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival


Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival is an Aboriginal-run media arts organization rebuilding the West Coast’s film, video and media arts festival.  The organization endeavours to develop a crucial piece of infrastructure that has been missing from the Aboriginal cultural sector, as well as British Columbia’s creative industries.


SFU Opens Up New World for Jessica Humchitt

Indigenous SFU Community Stories
The Aboriginal Pre-Health Program is a bridging program designed for Aboriginal high school graduates and mature students. The program helps students explore health career options and get the academic prerequisites they need to pursue post-secondary health or health science programs such as nursing, midwifery, or public health. 
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Beat Nation: Hip Hop as Indigenous Culture

Beat Nation

Beat Nation: Hip Hop as Indigenous Culture is a website that focuses on the development of hip hop culture within Aboriginal youth communities and its influence on cultural production.


Indigenous Stories: Duncan Mccue, CBC Reporter & Professor

CBC News

"I could, and should, expose the sickness that plagues Canada after a century of ignoring the many facets of aboriginal experience. And it empowered me to confront the darkness that I’ve witnessed in our own communities – substance abuse, corruption, and prejudice." Learn more about Duncan's journey...

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[Indigenous Employer] Scotiabank

Company/Organization Spotlight

We strive to deliver a seamless, consistent and rewarding employment experience globally by developing policies and programs based on shared global principles. 


[Indigenous Employer] Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society


Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society is a non-profit society providing service to urban Aboriginal children and families living in the Greater Vancouver area. We function across three offices as the largest designated urban Aboriginal agency in Canada. 


Why Volunteer in the Community at Large?

Vancouver Aquarium

Laura looks into the top 10 reasons for Volunteering and explores why she chose to volunteer with the Vancouver Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Center. Read more about what she discovered... 

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First Nations Student Association Contribution Supports ISC Tutoring Program


To support Indigenous students that are in need of additional educational support the First Nations Student Association matches the Office for Aboriginal Peoples contribution of $5000 to the Indigenous Student Centre.


Indigenous Stories: Ann Seymour, Aboriginal Health Liaison Social Worker


Never give up. No matter what anyone says? As I say to my kids: “Stand tall, shoulders back and walk proud. You have to beleive in yourself, because you can do it!"

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Indigenous Stories: Volunteering for Your Passion Can Result in Full Time Employment

Emily Carr

"Not only was I gaining experience, but I was making connections to people in my field who were always looking for innovative ideas, ways to create more business, and opportunities to network beyond our respective communities."

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Why Volunteer on Campus at SFU?


Lindsay enjoys helping people achieve their goals and this experience has allowed her to follow and achieve her passion of improving services available to Indigenous students and potentially their overall academic success. Learn more about her experiences...

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Indigenous Stories: Jordan Wapass, Capacity Development Initiatives Officer


Professor Hunter, my family (Uncle Kelly, Mom and Grandparents) have and have always had great confidence in me. This is where my strength comes from. Like most youth/students, there is a mixture of confusion, fear and excitement about what to do next.

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Why Volunteer in the Aboriginal Community?

Indigenous Volunteer Stories

Alissa volunteers because she want to receive experience relating to areas of her studies in Criminology and her to fulfill her passion to help First Nations communities. Each of these organizations allows her to engage with Urban Aboriginal people. Learn more about her experiences.

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Bruce Dumont: How to Become a Métis Politician


"We lived the Metis life as my father hunted and trapped when he wasn't
 working to keep the family fed. My mother tanned hides, did beautiful beadwork and made clothing and bedding. We danced to the fiddle and sang." 

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[Indigenous Employer] Opportunities for Indigenous Youth: Canadian Forces


Bold Eagle is a challenging yet rewarding opportunity that helps to develop valuable skills such as self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, time management, respect and fitness to list but a few.

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