Health Sciences Interview Questions

Question Intent

In an interview for a Health Sciences position an employer is interested to learn of your knowledge and related experience, and/or familiarity in working in lab environments & lab procedures and ability to communicate on scientific issues in addition to determining if you would be a good fit with their organization.

Answer Tips

Consider why the question is important to the employer.  If you have related experience from a course share details on your knowledge, skills and experience.  


.  Describe a situation where you applied your survey and data collection skills.

.  Describe a time when you compiled a statistical reports on issues.

.  Do you have any prior experience in guiding a cross-cultural research project?

.  Why are you interested in working with __________________________ group/ study?

.  Describe your previous related work experience(s). How does this experience relate to my particular research?

.  Describe your previous work experience in computing and office settings.

.  Do you have experience in database programming using ACCESS, FoxPro or SQL?

.  What kind of databases are you familiar with?

.  Describe your familiarity with health-care-related databases.

.  Have you already used one of the research techniques described in my job description? If so, describe how you have used this particular technique?

.  How would you conduct an experiment for selecting a certain antibody to run a test strip?

.  How would you perform a Western Blot?

.  What do you think about using animals for experiments?

.  If you spilled some ECo R-1 (bacteria), what procedures would you take to clean it up?

.  What are the procedures when using a BSC?

.  What courses/classes have you taken that will complement this position?

.  Describe a work situation where you performed sample analysis (S.O.P.'s)?

.  Talk about some specific reactions from an organic chemistry lab. Not just the techniques, but what plus what give what?

.  Tell me about a lab that you did in organic chemistry. Explain the reaction, and the steps if you can remember them.

.  What is a past-time that you do with your hands? (ie, making something)

.  What reactions did you learn during your organic chemistry courses?