· Do you have any questions for me?

Do you have any questions for me?

Often times this last question is the biggest stumper of all. Questions? Me? Yikes. But don't hit mute and make for the door just yet. Always come armed with a few more questions, whether they're about the business itself or about your specific role within it. Doing your homework on the company will make a big difference, says Ken Ramberg, co-founder of Jobtrak.com. Perhaps a new competitor has recently burst on the scene. Inquire about the company's plans to go head-to-head. Or, says Stybel, ask about how the company is meeting technological challenges or expanding. Just don't fall silent at this moment. "The questions you ask are just as important as the ones they ask you,'' and they demonstrate your level of sophistication, Stybel said. Ask the interviewer why she works there or to describe a recent good hire. You can also highlight any qualifications that haven't been discussed yet and your enthusiasm. Use your voice and make yourself memorable.