Intercultural Awareness

In today's global workplace intercultural awareness, sensitivity and skills are essential in the workplace.  An employer may ask questions on your understanding and experience in multicultural environments.


.  What experience have you had working and collaborating in diverse, multicultural and inclusive settings?

.  How do organizations benefit from multiculturalism?

.  How would you help to create a welcoming & inclusive work environment?

.  Describe a situation in which you encountered a misunderstanding with a person from a different cultural background than yours. How did you handle the situation?  

 .  In previous work experiences, what have been the greatest challenges in working with a multicultural staff?

.  How do you communicate effectively and respectfully within the context of varying beliefs, behaviors, and backgrounds?

.  Describe a situation in which you utilized your multicultural skills to solve a problem.

.  Tell us about a time when you changed your style to work more effectively with a person from a different background.

 . How do you define social justice?