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What will you find in our Learning Centre?

Co-op Workshops

Prepare in advance for your workshops by reviewing the preparatory materials, creating or updating your documents then return after your workshop to review tips and strategies.

Cover Letters

The cover letter section contains everything you need to know when writing and personalizing your cover letter. Read up on how to let your personality shine in a professional manner, and how to use your letter to capture an employers attention.



An international experience is often the highlight of a students time at university.  View stories on students who have participated in International Co-op's, field schools and exchanges. Search for information on a country you would like to visit, available funding. internationalizing your resume and cover letters and how students created their own unique international experiences at SFU.  View photos, videos, stories and blog series from students who have participated in international experiences.


Interview Question Database

The Interview Question Database contains hundreds of examples of questions you may be asked in your next interview. We have sections on general questions, questions specific to your discipline or skill set, questions for International positions, as well as examples of inappropriate questions and suggestions on questions for you to ask.



The Interviews page is FULL of resources for you to prepare for and excell at interviews. Covering a wide range of topics including: how to prepare, what to wear, responding to questions, showcasing work, preparing your referees, and tips on how to excell in any type of interview.  There are numerous stories sharing employers perspectives, stories/series by students and alumni on their interview experiences locally, nationally and internationally, interview videos and quick links to additional interview resources.



The resume section contains all of our articles on writing your very best resume; covering everything from content, to layouts, to picking the right references.  The online Resume Gallery includes samples from students across various SFU programs to provide information on how to showcase your own skills and experiences.


Work Study Program

The Work Study program is a great way to pay for school while gaining valuable experience. Learn about the skills supervisors look for, and what you can expect from the program.


Curious to learn more?  Visit our TOPICS for quick links to content on Workplace Success,  Leadership, Life Balance, Networking, Professional Development, Work Search skills and much more...


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