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Ball Pit Adventures At Convo Mall


Get the scoop on what happened at Ball Pit Adventures in Convocation mall a few weeks ago! Engagement Peer, Felice, tells how the event was successful and why you should come out to the next event.

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Engaged Student of the Week: Shantelle Medel


Learn all about the engaged student of the week; Shantelle! Find out how she engages with SFU and the community by reading on.

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Passion With A "Small p": The Whisky Story


What can we take from the "smaller" things that we love? Often, they bring our lives tremendous amounts of meaning. It's important to acknowledge that work isn't the only area of life that we can derive meaning or fulfill our values.

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So You Can’t Do It All. That’s Okay.


There are lots of people that will tell you about all the things you should or could be doing, and why doing these things will benefit you. But sometimes you can’t, you really can’t, do it all. And Lauren is here here to tell you that that’s okay too.

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Feeling Stuck? Press Reset

Life Balance

You're stuck. Maybe it's a dead-end job, or the sense that you're studying the wrong thing, or with the wrong person, or just in a place you didn't want to end up, but don't know how to leave. If only it were as simple as pressing a button and starting over. We can't do that, but here's the next best thing.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder – Manage Your Time Effectively

CSI Blog

By managing your time effectively, you will be able to feel like you are on top of things, and be more productive, which will result in job satisfaction and most of all…more time to enjoy life!

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Positive Work/Life Balance: Living Well to Learn Well

Personal Development

You may be feeling overworked and it may seem that you just don’t have enough time in your life to do anything, but rest assured, you are not alone. The whole work/life balance is a perception and opinion of one’s own priorities and values. People feel stressed because they find that they do not have time or missed out on a chance to do certain activities.

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Back Again


Looking for a club to join at SFU this year? Selva has got the details on many of the various clubs available at SFU and what they're all about. Read on to find out why you should get engaged on campus this semester!

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Join a Campus Club. You Will Become Awesome!


The start of the New Year usually means turning over a new leaf, and a fresh beginning to conquer whatever goal it is you wish to accomplish. While your mind is fresh from relaxing over the cheery winter holidays, you might think about what you would like to get involved in during the spring semester. There are many ways to help achieve your aspirations, and one of these methods is to help improve yourself…by joining a campus club!

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Welcome Back! WIL Fraser's New Years' Resolutions

Personal Development

Helllloo SFU! It’s WIL Fraser here, and I would like to welcome everyone to the new 2013 year! I had a restful three weeks over the winter holidays, catching up on my readings and learning more about how to perfect that resume. Have a look at my list of New Years’ resolutions…did your resolutions make my list too?

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Working with Grace: Work Smarter! Ready, Set, Go!

Working with Grace

Having an anxiety attack about upcoming assignments and exams? Need a few useful tips to combat those attacks? Surprisingly, managing your time may be the first step to overcoming the work and stress that are already piling up…

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Managing your Wellness Over the Holidays


Having trouble finding your holiday spirit? You’re not alone. Regardless of the extent of your holiday blues, there are lots of support services and tips/tricks to keep your spirits high leading up to and during the winter break.

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De-Stress for Success at University

health and counselling center

Stressing over midterms, projects and final exams? Here are 5 easy tips to help you better manage stress and still succeed in your classes.

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Eat Well to Excel


We all have busy schedules and finding the “time” to eat well can be part of the challenge. I often hear, “But I don’t have time” or “If I have a chance I will try to grab something.” Despite a busy lifestyle, eating well will help you maintain your energy and your brain power so you can succeed.

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How To Handle Exam Season

Academic Skills

Ever find yourself overburdened with an academic cocktail of exams and assignments to the point where you seriously consider hanging up the hat and dropping out? Read some strategies on coping with the overbearing workloads that crumble down on our heads throughout the semester.

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Brave-Up on the OLC: 6 Tips to De-stress Now

Jason's Blog

People today feel more stressed than those in the past. We are always under stress, even if you don't feel it at the moment, so it is incredibly important for you to understand your limits and learn to de-stress. Here are 6 easy tips to help you reduce your stress level!

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Learning To Say No To Opportunities

Life Balance

Scouring the internet for volunteer opportunities, I realize there are a lot out there. I make a possible schedule, trying to fit in existing commitments with new opportunities. Eventually I come to the conclusion that if I get so much as stuck in traffic my tightrope of a schedule will fall apart. With so much out there, how do you choose? When do you say no?

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The Importance of Study Breaks

study breaks

Ever wonder if you will be more productive after taking breaks during studying sessions? Read on to find out more...


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Dave’s Diary: Discipline Beats Time Management

CSI Blog

I’m from the prairies. I’ve always loved a big, open skyline and an endless horizon. Having moved to the west coast, one of the things I notice frequently is that the coastal mountains do a very effective job of blocking out the horizon and making the sky seem much smaller

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Super Mom's Code: Work Life Balance

Life Balance

Balancing a career and a family is the biggest challenge that a working mom takes on. How do we balance work and life, that is the question of all working class, and especially a working mom. What are some tips that can be offered for us as we strive to balance work and life?

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