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SFU Co-op Student
Young Women in Business, Scotdance Canada
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My name is Chloe Scott and I am currently a third year student on my second co-op term. Growing up, I was always 'the arts student', whether it was in dance class, musical theatre rehearsals, or at film camp. This was my comfort zone and I fit quite nicely in it. However, during my work-seeking semester, I found myself searching for a placement in a medical environment. I was hired by UBC's Institute for Heart and Lung Health and my career path has veered in a completely different direction than I would have ever anticipated, and I couldn't appreciate that fact more! My co-op experience has opened my eyes up to an area of knowledge I never expected to be interested in, let alone be good at. Outside of work, I am a competitive highland dancer and am currently training for Nationals this summer.