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Hello my name is Jason and I gave this presentation more than 24 hours ago (March 07, 2012). Let me tell you something: I had a serious problem - I was a dreamer You might be thinking, how is that a problem? How is that harmful? Well it is. I dreamed of career success; I dreamed of good grades; I dreamed of a perfect relationship; I dreamed of bringing change to myself and the world; I dreamed of all the things you and everyone else dreamed of. What was harmful about that is that I did NOTHING to attain those dreams. I was a at party of New Years Eve. When the countdown struck zero, I shouted, "Happy New Years" like everyone else - but I had something different at the back of my head. I dreamed of change all those years - I decided that change will happen NOW. 2012 A week later, which happened to be the first day of the Spring semester, something pheonmenal happened to me. I had an epiphany on the bus. Hold that raised brow! Let me give you the context: Last semester was lackluster for me. That was even nicely putting it. But in reality, I was lonely, unmotivated in my studies, and scared - it felt as if I traveled back to my first year! I was determined to make this semester DIFFERENT! At 7:30 in the morning, I stepped onto the 135 SFU bus beaming with motivation. I was going to make new friends, be socially active, and create the semester I really wanted. When I entered on the bus, I noticed a cute girl at the back of the bus. SCORE! What a great way to start the semester if I befriended her, I thought to myself. So I quickly scurried to the back of the bus and sat beside her, even though there were many empty seats around. Can you guess what happened next? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zero. For 40 minutes bus ride, I sat next to her thinking about what I wanted to say to her. In the end we got off at different stops. What in the world happened? I was beaming with motivation when I stepped onto the bus - where did it all go? I spent the whole day asking myself and my close friends. I came to the conclusion that it was social norms at play. SOCIAL NORMS control a lot of our BEHAVIOURS and what we say. As you know, society has taught us to leave a seat between strangers on a bus or in a lecture hall. I was able to sit beside the girl on the bus because I was so motivated in meeting people. It was easy to break that norm, but I could not break the second one: talking to a stranger on the bus. This event made me question social norms. Why did society stop me? Should it not encourage interaction instead? This is when it struck me: there are good social norms and there are counter productive ones. I spent the next month talking with people and seeing what their perspective of this was. The result? Many people agreed with me. There are social norms that are counter productive - they must be QUESTIONED, CHALLENGED and REVEALED. This was how the idea of Brave-Up was formed. Originally I wished to create Brave-Up as a full fledged club at SFU. However, I retracted that idea and decided to create a blog instead. My intentions with http://brave-up.com/ is two things: Motivate and inspire people through quotes, stories, and tips to constantly improve ourselves. The brain never stops growing, we should never stop either! Question and reveal social norms that are counter-productive or harmful. Where am I now? This year has been PROFOUNDLYdifferent for me. If i were to sum it all up: I AM NOW A DREAM CATCHER.
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