How to: Apply to Co-op

How to: Apply to Co-op

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How To: Apply to Co-op

Kelsey Newsham | OLC Host

“I have some great work experience under my belt as well as some valuable contacts in various fields thanks to Co-op. I [also] feel I am open to career avenues that I would never have considered before, maybe because I wouldn’t have believed I was capable or able to secure such a job.”

-Nabjit, Arts and Social Sciences Co-op Student

Students in the Co-op Program alternate between study and paid work semesters as they earn their degree. Because Co-op students complete a minimum of three 4-month-long work terms, they graduate with at least one year of related work experience that provides a great head start on their career post graduation.

Some additional benefits of participating in Co-op include:

  • Earn salaries to finance your education
  • Explore different jobs in various fields and industries
  • Work locally, nationally and globally
  • Build a valuable network of professionals in your industry
  • Develop your resume and improve your interview skills

Apply to the Co-op Program:

  1. Research:
    To get an idea of the types of jobs and employers in the Co-op program, visit the ‘profiles’and ‘featured stories’ in the Online Learning Community

  2. Attend a Discover Co-op Information Session:
    Discover Co-op Information Sessions occur several times throughout the semester and feature current Co-op students as they describe their previous positions and what to expect while on a work term as well as Co-op Coordinators and Student Advisors (the staff members who will be guiding you through your Co-op preparation, work search, interviews and more). You will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

  3. Submit your online application:
    Click on ‘Apply Now’ at to submit your application to the Co-op Program. Be sure you know how many credit hours you’ve completed and what your CGPA is as you will need that information for the form.

    Not in the faculty of your choice quite yet? No problem, Co-op allows you to apply for job postings outside your program area. For example, an Arts Co-op student, if they have the qualifications, could apply for a Business or Communication Co-op job posting. After you submit your application, you can expect the following:

  • Within ten business days, your intended Co-op Program will contact you regarding your application. They will notify you of your status and let you know via email what your next steps are. The “next steps” are slightly different for each Co-op Program and may take up to one semester to fulfill as they could involve registering for and completing the Co-op pre-employment curriculum called “Bridging Online I” (BOLI) as well as registering for and completing the Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Co-op Workshops, along with other possible activities.

  • Please note that a $98.00 application fee will be billed to your SFU account.

Although you may be accepted into the Co-op Program, provided you meet the program-specific requirements, you will not be permitted to view Co-op jobs through the online job posting system (Symplicity) until you complete all the steps that your program has outlined. For this reason, we recommend that you apply to the Co-op program at least two semesters before your intended first work term. For example, if you want to go out on your first work term in Summer 2010, you should submit your application to Co-op in early Fall 2009, at the very latest. However, you can also apply to the Co-op program as early as your first year at SFU.

So, what are you waiting for? You can apply to the Co-op Program anytime during the semester by completing the quick and easy online application form on the Co-op website.

Beyond the article

Have more questions? You can book a meeting with a Co-op Coordinator or Co-op Student Advisor in your program area to discuss your questions.

In addition to the Discover Co-op Sessions, faculty-specific Co-op programs hold information sessions early in the semester and are open for anyone to attend. For faculty-specific Co-op program information session dates and times, check the OLC’s Events Calendar.

Not sure what to do with your degree? Book an advising session with Career Services.

Thinking about Volunteering to gain valuable skills and experience along with Co-op, visit Volunteer Services to learn what’s available.

Did you know you can work internationally as part of the Co-op Program? International Co-op offers international employment opportunities for students in the Co-op program.

Posted on December 21, 2010