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This group is intended to help students in the work study program prepare for their work search and provide work place success strategies. 

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The Key to a Great Cover Letter: Deconstructing the Job Description

Co-operative Education

Feeling nervous or unqualified as you apply for a job? Struggling to set yourself apart? Learn how to deconstruct the job description so that you can feel comfortable marketing yourself in your cover letter!

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Working with Grace: Resume 101 Part 2 - Resume Formats


Chronological? Functional? Combination? What does each resume format look like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each format? Which format is most suitable for you? Find out the answers here!

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Top 10 Reasons I Won't Hire You

Co-operative Education

Ever wished you could get into the mind of an employer to find out what not to do during an interview and what might cause your résumé and cover letter to be relegated to the “not worth considering” pile? Co-op employer Shona Taner lists her Top 10 tips on how to avoid that fate.

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Preparation = Successful Interview!

Co-operative Education

There are many factors that make a successful interview, but by far the most important is preparation. It seems simple, but it's not necessarily easy. Preparation is not only being able to answer the standard questions, but also being able to convey  how outstanding you would be in the organization.

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How to Ask, Pick and Prepare your References

Work Search

If you’re looking for a new job, applying to a graduate school or another program, chances are that you are going to need references to go along with your application, resume, and cover letter. You’ll learn how to ask people to be references, how to pick from your reference list and finally, how to guide your references once you’ve selected them.

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Work Study Students
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