Question Intent
An employer may ask you a communication question to verify your ability to:

•  clearly and succinctly communicate with colleagues and target audiences
•  listen and respond to instructions
•  convey a genuine interest in the opinions of others
•  adapt to varied communication styles
•  determine your communication style and preference

Communication questions allow the employer to evaluate your ability to build strong relationships with work associates, peers, and clients. An employer will likely be observing your communication skills throughout the interview…so you need to do as you say you can!   


Hot tips in responding to Communication Questions

•  Demonstrate clarity and fluency of oral communication in your responses and throughout all your communication (including body language) during the interview
•  Describe situations from past work experiences in which you have gone the extra mile to ensure effective communication
•  Provide examples of how you have adapted your communication style to accommodate different people and situations

For more tips on answering questions effectively, visit the All About Interviews section of the OLC.