Interview Preparation

Question Intent

An employer may be interested in determining the amount of interview preparation you have conducted. This assists the interviewer to establish your: initiative and motivation level of interest in the position resourcefulness.

The interviewer hopes to reveal whether you have done the necessary preparation as an indication of your work ethic and future performance. The amount of effort you invest in researching the company will directly reflect your desire to work for the organization.

Hot tips in responding to Interview Preparation Questions

•  Research the company’s website and/or print materials (brochures, annual reports).

•  Access Co-op resources: work term reports, Profiles, co-op coordinators and company files.

•  Review key industry publications: available online or through the SFU library or Public Libraries Clearly demonstrate your knowledge of the industry, the sector, the company’s partners, and competitors.

For more tips on answering questions effectively, visit the All About Interviews section of the OLC.