. I see you don't have ____ skill/experience. It is required for this position. How would you handle this?

I see you don't have ____ skill/experience. How would you handle that?

Question Intent

This question is intended to challenge you and to test your ability in dealing with challenges.

Answer Tips

This is your time to convince the interviewer that, despite your inexperience with a certain program or procedure, you're up for the challenge. ''Your best bet here is to give an example,'' said Laurence Stybel, founder of Lincolnshire, Stybel, Peabody. ''Tell about another time you encountered this kind of situation and how you dealt with it.'' If you're short on I'm-a-quick-learner stories, impress your interviewer with the steps you're already taking to learn the skill -- a class you've enrolled in or a how-to book you're reading.