2010 Top 10 Articles

2010 Top 10 Articles

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Best of 2010

By:Kevin Chou | OLC Host

The year is winding down and we take a moment to reminiscence about this year's top 10 best articles. It wasn't easy choosing the top 10 as there were several articles we liked, but here are the must-read articles of this year.

Are you wondering about the benefits of working abroad through Co-op? Are you considering going abroad for your next Co-op work term but are still a little unsure about the pros and cons of going international?

LinkedIn is a social networking site. Unlike Facebook, however, LinkedIn is primarily for professionals. It is a great tool to help connect you with professionals, but it's also great for your job search. In this first part of two series about LinkedIn, we tackle the task of creating an effective LinkedIn profile.

The Online Learning Community takes a focus in this article on how to tackle an interview with one of the biggest - Microsoft. Please take the time to listen to the podcasts (MP3 format) provided for in-depth information on a more personal level.

Volunteering is one of the quickest and easiest ways to meet new people, learn new skills and advance your career. So, before you say “no” to a volunteer opportunity that you think you don’t have time for, consider the learning and career possibilities it may lead you to if you said “yes”.

More and more job hunters are showcasing their written work online. A writing e-portfolio, however, is a bit different from an e-portfolio that showcases graphic or image design. If you've thought about placing your written work online, read on for some tips!


Some job seekers looking for possible ways to edge out competition are using weblogs (or blogs) to create and maintain a positive online presence. Blogging might help you land a job - but before you open a blog, we offer some information about blogging and a few tips on what you can do if blogging intimidates you.

Mary Hui is a 3rd year SIAT Student in Media Arts who has completed two co-op workterms, both in and out of BC. Because she has vast experience with different work environments, SIAT co-op sat down with Mary to see what she took away from her workterms.

Chris Lo, a Business Co-op alumnus, was able to leverage his Co-op and volunteer experience in order to gain a competitive edge after graduation. Read on to learn how he effectively used his time at SFU as a stepping stone to his current position with the City of Burnaby.

Have you always wondered how SFU alumni end up landing their jobs? For the first time ever, SFU Peer Programs and Career Services collaborated to bring a peer educator alumni panel to campus. Read on to learn more about the post-graduate experiences of these alumni and on what they advised attendees to do now to prepare for the transition from university to the workplace.

The OLC presents the experiences of volunteers and staff members from the exciting Olympic games. There's still a chance to submit if you'd like to share with us!

Posted on March 20, 2011