Creating Possibilities for Children with PLEA’s KidStart

Creating Possibilities for Children with PLEA’s KidStart

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If you want a volunteer opportunity where you can make a difference in your community and gain some valuable skills and work experience, you should contact PLEA Community Services Society of BC. If you also enjoy working with children or teens, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on!

PLEA provides support to individuals, ranging from children to adults to families, who are experiencing significant challenges in their lives. Its goal is to support those who need assistance so they have the same opportunity we have to explore their abilities and succeed. PLEA offers unique and comprehensive services in areas like child welfare, addictions, health and mental health, just to name a few.

Currently, PLEA is looking for volunteers to support the accredited KidStart Program, helping children and youth who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. These individuals may be struggling at school, having problems with their families or peers. Volunteers are needed to engage these unique individuals in fun and positive activities which also offer them opportunities to experience success and achievement. Your meaningful contribution of time and friendship can help children and teens grow and thrive while reducing their risks for crime, addiction or victimization.

If you are interested in becoming a KidStart volunteer, visit PLEA’s website

Posted on November 04, 2009