Natural Gas Dryers

Natural Gas Dryers

By: Chris Ng
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Natural gas dryers? Yeah that’s right — natural gas dryers for your clean, albeit wet, laundry loads.

In my time at the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo a week ago, I met up with Mr. Wolfe from Fotis BC’s “Home of Energy Efficiency”. And efficient it was. The room had natural gas powering everything from cooking ranges, to vehicles and even a natural gas dryer.

You, like me, may not be convinced yet by their proposal of a natural gas dryer. However, Mr. Wolfe offered various reasons why:

-       The natural gas comes from the methane from landfills
-       Although electric from BC comes from hydro, this is not the case for other parts of the world
-       By switching to natural gas, we can offer our surplus hydro electricity to other provinces and/or countries so that they may be able use them
-       Electricity is good for computers and TVs but not quite as efficient in generating heat
-       Natural gas dryers saves up to 38% in energy costs compared to electrical dryers’

For more info on natural gas dryers as well as other tips and rebate offers by Fortis BC, visit

By Chris Ng

Posted on May 25, 2011