Interested in Being an Entrepreneur?

Interested in Being an Entrepreneur?

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Ever had a business idea? Imagine making money while sleeping… Join Venture Network and make it a reality!

Venture Network (VN) is a new student-run entrepreneurs’ organization of passionate and motivated youths of all educational backgrounds who are interested in, or have begun, their entrepreneurial adventures. VN encourages and supports the development of new and existing ventures amongst its members through mentorship and collaboration.

Members of VN attend both internal and external activities:

Internal activities focus on networking amongst members of the organization itself, where members share the development of their businesses and provide feedback for other ventures. During internal events, mentors and speakers are present to guide VN members along the path of entrepreneurship.

VN also helps to organize its members to participate in external events as well – these are opportunities to attend business functions and other events held by industry associations. Members are encouraged to promote their businesses, network with experienced entrepreneurs, and obtain valuable experiences through exposure to the world of business.

This is an opportunity to be a part of an amazing network of amazing people.

Meeting times will be confirmed after the registration process has been completed (after Clubs week).

Also… If you currently run a business, consider registering it at to have your business information and logo showcased on VN’s website.

To Find out more about Venture Network contact the Club President directly for more info.


Michael Cheng, Venture Network President


Posted on September 24, 2009