The Streets Jingled with VSPN

The Streets Jingled with VSPN

By: Jamal Saad
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Saturday, June 26th was a very hot day, the occasion was called ‘Stick it to the Streets’ and was organized by the Vancouver Public Space Network. The group works as a mediator for the protection of public space in Vancouver and to provide opportunities for outdoor civic participation. The invitation read: “How much music can be made with a pair of drumsticks and the street as a instrument? Bring your drumsticks, spoons, keys, and selves to join a crew of Vancouverites as they move through the city making music with the urban landscape”.

 I followed the gang of about 75 people from Granville and Smithe at 1 PM to Gastown, where they joined the Jazz Festival at around 6 PM.

I got the chance to speak to event organizer Simon Wong about the occasion. Basically, the name says it all: ‘Sticking’ refers to sticks or anything that makes sound. Participants were not allowed to bring any musical instruments because the whole point of the event was to use the streets (along with bus stops, parking meters, garbage bins, bike racks and all other forms of public property) as a musical instrument.

The event remained completely peaceful as no forms of private property, be it cars or window displays, were used as a musical instrument.

The Vancouver Public Space Network is only one of the many organizations devoted to bringing people out of their homes and in close contact with each other. And there is no better way to be part of a city than to join in the crowds in ‘Stickin’ it to the Streets’.

 For more information about upcoming events and involvement opportunities, please visit or the group’s official Facebook page.

*Photo 1- Bus Stops Were Ringing Along Granville Street.

*Photo 2-Event organizer Simon Wong was very happy with how the day had turned out.

By Jamal Saad

Posted on June 13, 2010