Giving Back Online

Giving Back Online

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It is an undeniable fact that the majority of us students spend much of our day connected to the World Wide Web. Why not then seize this opportunity as a means of giving back to the global community?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The following are a few ways that you can maximize your time online, making the world a better place through the incessant clicking which was previously deemed meaningless. Hopefully the following will help you justify the countless hours spent by the computer!

1) Free Rice ( was created in 2007 and aims to eradicate world hunger in a fun and educational way. This oddly addictive site offers a series of multiple-choice educational games. The best part is that for every right answer, 10 grains of rice are donated by sponsors to developing countries. You get to learn vocabulary and the satisfaction of seeing your rice dish fill up with rice is unmatched! Play at home when you are bored and have nothing to do, or even take advantage of boring lectures by feeding some hungry people – it’s more productive than stalking your ex on Facebook anyway. Also check out Free Flour, which donates flour and buns.

2) In the 21st century, Googling has become as common as sleeping or eating, and almost nearly as vital. Search Kindly
 is an online search engine powered by Google (, except for every search, a small amount of money is donated by sponsors. To date, they have raised thousands of dollars for charity. If it’s the same thing as Google, then why not? All you have to do is search from Search Kindly rather than Google itself. Imagine if every university student used Search Kindly rather than Google during paper season! We would likely have enough to put an end to world hunger.

3) The Hunger Site ( requires even less work than the other two mentioned above. With a single click, approximately one cup of food is donated to fight famine around the world. You can do this daily and all it takes is a click. 
And there you have it, three fun, productive sites to visit when you’re feeling bored at home or delaying your term paper for a few more hours. There are countless sites like these drifting around the Internet, but hopefully these will get you started! If you want to find more, why not use ‘Search Kindly’ and find some? These opportunities are yours to find!

Happy internet browsing everyone!
Posted on January 05, 2012