Becoming a Global Citizen: Are You on Track?

Becoming a Global Citizen: Are You on Track?

By: Grace Lee
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“Global Citizenship” is a term that is popping up more and more.  Some say global citizenship is a way of thinking, others say it is about self-awareness and awareness of others, and still others say it is participating in the social and political life of one’s community.

You may already see yourself as a global citizen and be actively engaged in our global community through your coursework, travel, working, holidays abroad or as an international volunteer. These experiences, aside from expanding your horizon as a person, may make a difference when it comes to career decision making and your work search. 

An article in Verge Magazine suggests that travel contributes to career development and  a global survey of employers from more than 100 countries  reports that employers favor graduates with an international student experience (QS Global Employer Survey 2011)

Next week is International Development Week (Feb 5 to 11) in Canada.  Why not take some action toward becoming an active global citizen?  You can begin by taking part in SFU International Week.

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Posted on February 02, 2012