Co-op Work term at SportAbility

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Coming into this co-op term I expected a lot more hands-on type work, working with people with physical disabilities. Unfortunately, a lot of my time was spent in the office, which was what I liked least about this job. Also, since it a charity organization I spent a lot of time looking for donations and sending out requests, which I personally found very repetitive and boring.


On the plus side, when I did get to work with people with physical disabilities I had incredible experiences. Helping organize, run, and reff the power soccer provincials was a real highlight of my summer. When I organized and hosted a pub night fundraiser, I helped raise over $1,400 towards an amazing cause. My greatest highlight of the summer was creating the first youth 7-aside Soccer program for children with physical disabilities. I organized, advertised and coached this camp. I taught the kids the basics of soccer, incorporating drills, games, and scrimmages. The children always had such a good time and always left with smiles on their faces!


All in all, this co-op term was a great experience. Not only did it benefit me by introducing me to a whole new world of sporting activities and allowing me to meet new people, but my hard work and dedication benefited several athletes and members with physical disabilities, and that is truly a great feeling! :)