Laboratory Assistant

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For my first and second coop work terms, I was fortunate to secure an 8-month position with PBR Laboratories, located in Edmonton, AB, as a Laboratory Assistant. My responsibilities as a Laboratory Assistant allowed me to learn how an industrial microbiology lab operates, in terms of ensuring quality control of the laboratory equipments and supplies and proper handling of samples to prevent contamination. Also, as a Laboratory Assistant, I assisted in the Research and Development department and gained insight on how research is conducted from the start to finish.


PBR Laboratories is a small lab with a small staff of scientists, and technologists. Their qualifications range from a Bachelor's degree to Ph.Ds, allowing you to work with fully capable scientists. Also, since the staff size is small, this allows you to meet everyone and vice versa. On top of this, the staff are extremely nice and are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have to allow you to correct any mistakes or dispel any doubts regarding your work.


While working at PBR Laboratories, I have gained an interest in microbiology, and am now contemplating completing a minor in microbiology and biochemistry. Also, the research experience has definitely made me take a serious look at doing more research in the future.


PBR Laboratories is a great environment to gain lab work experience for those interested in the field of science. You are placed in a fast pace environment where time management is key to finishing all your work within the work day. This position also provides a nice balance of lab experience and research experience, allowing you to gain and develop laboratory techniques as well as participating in the current in-house research projects.