Oh, September: The Time for On Campus Recruitment!

Oh, September: The Time for On Campus Recruitment!

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If you thought you are just getting the hang of the start of the semester, here is another fall semester tradition you may want to particpate in: recruitment season!

So, what is recruitment season all about? Here is our take on "On Campus Recruitment (OCR)".

OCR is a strategy organizations use to actively recruit SFU students and new graduates. Some organizations are recruiting students who will be graduating or who have graduated. Others are recruiting students for summer positions and/or co-operative education opportunities.

So what does this all mean to you, full-of-potential student? It means that you might want to get engaged in OCR activities now, to set yourself up for success! There are many ways to do this -- attend organization information sessions and campus career fairs (which can be found here), apply for job postings on Symplicity, or access workshops offered by Career Services. You can even speak with a career advisor about your options and prepare your work search documents (resumes and cover letters).

Next week, from September 17-20, employers, not-for-profit representatives and volunteer organizations will be on campus for SFU's BIG Fair (which can be found here). The BIG Fair is a great way to network, get information and learn about what organizations are looking for in new hires and volunteers.

While these fairs are not as formal as say, a job interview, be prepared to answer (as well as ask) some questions the employer may have. Some employers are even known to do interviews on the spot, so it's best to be prepared!

So there you have it, recruitment season in a nutshell. A very important time for you! Put on some business casual attire, print out numerous copies of that stellar resume, and keep an open mind! You never know who you might meet at an On Campus Recruitment Event.

Happy Recruiting!


Posted on September 13, 2012