Jobs on Campus!

Jobs on Campus!

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Another good way to complement your studies is to gain work experience, which can help you develop many transferrable skills and competencies that you can carry over to other jobs, and aspects of your life. How convenient would it be if you could study on campus, and work where you study?

A lot of students do not realize that there are numerous opportunities to work at, or for SFU. Many of these student-oriented positions are geared towards the personal and professional development of the student, as well as to get a particular job done! Read on more to find out which organizations routinely hire:

Do you know which areas on campus that consistently hire a large number of students each year are? Here’s your answer: SFU Human Resources, Simon Fraser Student Society, Nester’s Market, and SFU Recreation & Athletics!  (Read on further for details!)

In addition to these previously mentioned, there are other areas that hire students as well, which includes: the library, bookstore, Campus Security, SFPIRG, SFU Work Study Program, academic departments, Professors, Mr.Sub, UniverCity businesses, and we cannot forget the SFU Co-op Program as well!

The Simon Fraser Student Society frequently hires many students for a variety of jobs, such as positions on their Board of Directors.  All positions are posted on their SFSS website, which lists all vacant positions within their Administrative/Advocacy Division and Food & Beverage Services, as well as the necessary skills and qualifications needed, so make sure you study up on the organization!

Another big organization that hires on campus is SFU Human Resources. They hire students for their temp pools: Regular and Student Pool.The regular pool requires you to be available for full-time employment, whereas the student pool is more part-time and requires you to be registered for at least 1 credit course during the semester you wish to work.

Here your application is put into a pool, and if a department or area requires a a worker, Human Resources will determine and select the most suitable applicant and contact you. These assignments can be anything from 1 day up to 3 months in duration. For more information, check out SFU Human Resources at

For those that have been working in the hospitality industry, The SFSS Food & Beverage Services fills numerous positions for their Highland Pub, such as servers, bartenders, barbacks, and various kitchen positions. However, those interested in becoming bar staff must be nineteen years of age and hold their Serving It Right certification. The best time to apply is the last month of each semester!  SFSS also has baristas, counter service reps, cashiers and food prep positions in the Higher Grounds Cappuccino Bar, Highland Catering and The Ladle.  So check them out as a potential employer!

Another organization that is different from SFU is Nester’s Market, which is the local grocery store located at Cornerstone in UniverCity. Did you know that this location is the largest store in the grocery chain? This is an excellent entry-level position for students, as you do not need any prior experience. What they require is someone who is personable, flexible, and has a strong work ethic. They have many different positions, as they have a Meat, Produce, Deli, Bakery, Post Office department, for those that want to expand their toolkit of skills and experiences. What they value is a strong customer service skillset, so being sociable and smiling all the time is a must!

So, how do you apply and get a job working for these organizations? Well, the number one tip is to think like the employer, by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Can you do the job?
    1. Do you have the experience, skills, and knowledge to do the job?
    2. Will you do the job?
      1. Do you have the passion, desire, and motivation to do the job?
      2. Are you a good fit?
        1. What is your personality like?
        2. What are your personal values?
        3. What are your beliefs and philosophy?

If you can answer these questions and demonstrate to the employer you have what it takes to do the job, then you should be a successful applicant. Remember that you need a customized resume and cover letter for these positions, so make sure you research the organization before applying!

If you need help with your cover letter and/or resume, Career Services hosts workshops to help you perfect those documents, so check them out here!

There you have it! These jobs are just a few organizations that are hiring on campus. Make sure you monitor the SFU careers page, Symplicity, the individual organization’s website (ie. SFU Human Resources, SFSS,etc) as these positions get posted frequently! Happy studying and happy job hunting!


Posted on September 19, 2012