Are you an entrepreneur? Take a self-assessment test!

Are you an entrepreneur? Take a self-assessment test!

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People say that entrepreneurs are born while others say entrepreneurship can be taught. Whichever the case, being an entrepreneur does take passion, commitment and a strong work ethic. The ability to take risks, take leadership, and/or the ability to quickly adapt to changing scenarios are a few of skills needed to be an entrepreneur.

Are you an entrepreneur?   Here's a self-assessment from Business Development Bank of Canada that might give you some insight into whether being your own boss is for you. Once you have completed the 'quiz'  you may have a better idea of what entrepreneurial traits, motivations, aptitudes, and attitudes you possess!

Want to speak to some real life entrepreneurs and business owners?

Come to our “Start Your Own Business” speaker panel next week on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 where we have 4 entrepreneurs share their experiences, tips and strategies related to the basics of entrepreneurship. Some topics that will be discussed:

  • Personal attributes of an entrepreneur
  • How they marketed and promoted their business
  • Why businesses fail and why they succeed
  • and much more!

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Posted on November 08, 2012