OLC Volunteer Spotlight: Ray Wang


OLC Volunteer Spotlight: Ray Wang

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Ray Wang - OLC VolunteerRay Wang graduated with a bachelor of business administration from the Beedie School of Business, with a dual concentration in Marketing and Finance. He reflects back on his volunteer experience with the OLC and the competitive edge he gained from volunteering in his job search. He currently works for a marketing start-up company based in Surrey, BC.

On Volunteering with the OLC

Q: What made you first want to start volunteering?

I started volunteering because I realized that it was a great way to network with different individuals from various academic backgrounds. Additionally, I thought volunteering was a great way to develop new skills and experiences such as writing articles, conducting online research and communicating with mentors.

Q: What initially got you interested about OLC?

The main influence was that I wanted to share my stories and experiences with other undergraduates as well as newly graduates, hoping they could relate and possibly gain some valuable insights or information from reading my articles.

Q: What did you enjoy the most or what was the most rewarding part about volunteering in this position? What are some of the challenges new volunteers can expect from the position?

I enjoyed having the autonomy to write on articles relating to school, work, and everything in between, while having complete support from my mentor. Additionally, I liked the freedom of volunteering based on my own schedule and from home.

I think the biggest challenge that new volunteers might encounter is generating topics of your own interest and connecting them with one's own experience and reflection, in relation to OLC's editorial goals, as this was the challenge I faced when I started volunteering.

Q: In your opinion, how can becoming an OLC volunteer help students with their future career goals?

Becoming an OLC volunteer is a fantastic way to prepare students for post-grad job search as being an OLC volunteer can provide students with experiences in writing and editing, which are fairly important skill for many companies today. As well, this volunteer role gives you the opportunity to network with peer mentors and other students. Moreover, if you meet or exceed your volunteer responsibilities and expectations, you can obtain a letter of recommendation from OLC, which is extremely valuable because references are indispensable in today's workplace, and by having a reference letter from a reputable organization such as OLC,  it can definitely help students successfully interview and find a job.

Q: What skills can SFU students gain from this volunteer position?

For me, the main benefits that I have gained from this volunteer position are improving my writing skills and gaining exposure to blogging, as well as improving my online presence.

On Getting Involved in the Community

Q: What advice would you give to students looking to become more involved at SFU and in the community?

You should try to be as proactive as possible with your involvement in the SFU community because it allows you to gain hands-on experience pertinent to your field of study, find your passion, and expand your professional network. To me, developing work-related skills is the most important benefit a student can gain from volunteering because without these practical skills it is nearly impossible to find a job after graduation. Hence, I would advise students to get involved with at least one volunteer organization each semester, so by the time they graduate, they will have plenty of volunteer experience under their belt!

From job search to school-work transition tips and social media to environmentalism, Ray spices up the community with a diverse range of topics relevant to readers like you. Check out his ongoing blog series.

Posted on December 27, 2012