Teaching Opportunities: Not just for PDP Students

Teaching Opportunities: Not just for PDP Students

By: Alexandra Lowe
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This past Monday morning (Dec 10), I attended the Teaching Opportunities Fair. This once-a-year event hosted over 20 exhibitors – a mixture of school districts, private organizations, and non-profit organizations – in a lively North AQ. The hallways were packed with an estimated 200 students, all looking to talk to the education-focused exhibitors.

In past years, the fair was held in the Education Gym and aimed at graduated or about-to-graduate students in the Faculty of Education’s Professional Development Program (PDP). However, as more and more organizations wanted access to fabulous SFU students, the fair grew too large for the small gym, and migrated to the AQ.

Holding the fair in such a public location meant that there needed to be more appeal for students outside of PDP. So, the fair acquired exhibitors offering more opportunities to those considering teaching. This year’s fair had several non-profit organizations looking for volunteers interested in or passionate about teaching. Some of the exhibitors included Vancouver Aquarium, the YMCA, and Big Sisters. The SFU Peer Education Program also showed up to recruit some new volunteers.

So, why should you attend the Teaching Opportunities Fair? Because it is for anyone! While many of the school districts that come are looking to hire certified teachers, most organizations are looking to hire anyone who wants hands on experience!

So don’t worry if becoming a teacher isn’t in your long term plans – you can get experience working with kids or gain leadership skills! It’s all about trying new things and figuring out what works for you!

Alexandra Lowe is a co-op student working as the Volunteer Services Assistant. She studies communication and in her spare time she volunteers, plays sports and enjoys the outdoors. You can find her in Career Services in MBC 0300 and don't forget to visit the Volunteer Services website (sfu.ca/volunteer) to getin information about the latest events and opportunities

Posted on December 11, 2012