Join a Campus Club. You Will Become Awesome!

Join a Campus Club. You Will Become Awesome!

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The start of the New Year usually means turning over a new leaf, and a fresh beginning to conquer whatever goal it is you wish to accomplish. While your mind is fresh from relaxing over the cheery winter holidays, you might think about what you would like to get involved in during the spring semester. There are many ways to help achieve your aspirations, and one of these methods is to help improve yourself…by joining a campus club! Joining a club is a great way to meet and make new friends, develop your leadership and interpersonal skills, and definitely bolster your resume, for starters. Clubs are a microcosm of the real world, and this provides the student with a safe, learning environment to apply their learning outside the classroom. By joining a club, it allows you to be involved with SFU and gives you the sense of pride and community of being a part of the SFU culture. Not only this, it will teach you more skills that you may utilize for the rest of your life!

Let’s talk about the leadership aspect. Most, if not all, school clubs (at SFU particularly), allows students to get engaged within the club’s organization, by hosting events and/or organizing programs that benefit the school and community. Every club has their specified interest topic that brings like-minded students together, such as the Student Marketing Association, where students interested in marketing get a chance to develop and showcase their marketing skills. These students are able to organize events and workshops that benefit the rest of their members. Additionally, members have the opportunity to hold elective office positions, such as the president or secretary, and involve responsibility and duties to uphold and maintain the club’s mandate.

Joining a club also creates learning opportunities too! Sometimes your interests are outside what you are studying in school.  For example, you may be a Communication Major, but you are really, really, interested in entrepreneurship. By joining an entrepreneurship club such as Enactus (formally known as SIFE, or Students in Free Enterprise), you can learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur, without having to take those business classes. This positive involvement provides you ,the student, with a positive outlet to channel your energy, and in turn allows you to feel good about yourself, which can carry over to everything else that you may do.

Do not underestimate the enjoyment factor either. Some of the best times and memories of your university career will be through club involvement. Whether it is the charity fundraiser you planned or the pub night social you attended, these are the fun memories that may bring you the most enjoyment. The people you meet can and most often will be the people you may stay friends with for the rest of your life!

So what are you waiting for? Join a club today! How do you find a club you ask? Conveniently, SFU is hosting their Clubs’ Day on January 15, 16, 16 in the Convocation Mall, where you can see all the clubs, and ask any questions you may have. Find a few clubs you are interested in, and put down your name and e-mail address to join.

Posted on January 09, 2013