Be Inspired: Volunteer for We Day Vancouver

Be Inspired: Volunteer for We Day Vancouver

By: Kerri Jesson
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In high-school, I always heard of a few lucky students getting to spend the day at Rogers Arena and attend an event known as We Day.  It wasn’t until last October, however, that I was able to experience this incredible event for myself.

We Day is focused on empowering youth and young adults with the goal of encouraging them to volunteer and make a difference. A large variety of inspirational speakers and celebrities are chosen to talk and perform, inspiring youth to take action both within their communities and around the world. Yet, getting a ticket to this event is not easy. Only certain middle and high-school students who have done an exceptional amount of volunteer work through their school are invited to go. You may have also earned your way in by raising money for a charity known as Free the Children.

As I wanted to not just attend this event, but also wanted to contribute, I chose to attend We Day as a volunteer. I found that there are a large variety of positions available including seat filler, booth worker, crowd pumper, and more! Yet despite all of the spots they have to fill, they often get plenty of applications, so make sure that you apply extremely early to ensure that you get the position you desire. For example, this year We Day was in October, but in early August they started recruiting. Most of the positions filled up quickly, but luckily for me they did a final set of recruitment in October, and opened up more spots a few days prior to the event. So if you find yourself having missed the initial intake, be sure to check back on the website to see if they need more volunteers.

Perhaps the best part about volunteering for We Day is that most volunteer positions are situated where you are able to watch the event, and at the end of the day you leave motivated to change the world for the better. The entire performance is unbelievable and you will certainly feel like it is quite the privilege to be there. In addition, you will find that the energy from the crowd is infectious and volunteering is more fun than work! So if you want to volunteer and be inspired to do more, check out the We Day website regularly to see when We Day is again coming back to Vancouver.

Kerri is currently in her second year at SFU and working toward her degree in Business. Through her posts on the ENGAGE blog she hopes to inspire other students to take initiative and become engaged, both at SFU and within their communities.

Posted on January 16, 2013